Are Severe Allergies Making Your Children Miserable?


As a parent, I know how difficult it can be to watch your children when they’re battling sickness like colds and viruses. But you do the best you can- you get them medicine, take them to the doctor, make them chicken soup, and tuck them into bed.

Within a week or two, they’re usually feeling much better and the trial has passed.

But if your child suffers from severe allergies, you’ve probably discovered that it’s a hard-to-treat condition, one that can make your child’s life absolutely miserable.

Trent’s Story

Maybe you can relate to the story of Trent, a young boy who grew up in Orange County, California.

For the first five and a half years of his life, Trent had such severe allergies that he could not breathe through his nose. As a result, he could not smell or taste anything. One day, his mother met someone who thought that they could help. Using a vacuum with a wet filter (the Rainbow), the friend started thoroughly cleaning Trent’s home. Within two weeks, Trent was able to breathe through his nose for the first time in his life! This experience was dramatic for Trent and his mother, because they had been to numerous doctors and allergists with no success.

One of the best changes that came into Trent’s life was his ability to finally participate in sports. He was a big baseball fan but was unable to muster enough energy to play because of how difficult it was to sustain any stamina when he could only breathe through his mouth. Once his allergies were eliminated at the source, using the Rainbow, he was finally able to enjoy his favorite sports and play outside with his friends.

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His mother shared these two pictures that Trent had drawn, showing the huge difference in Trent’s outlook on life. The first picture was drawn when Trent was five and a half years old and still had severe allergies, and the second one was drawn after, about a year and a half later. Notice that the first one has no nose and the second one has a very pronounced nose. His mother says that all of his pictures for the first five and a half years of his life had no nose but all the new pictures always emphasize the nose. Obviously, Trent’s life has changed for the better!

Failed “Solutions”

Trent and his mother were lucky, because they were introduced to a solution that treats allergies at their source, instead of just treating the symptoms. Allergy shots, nasal sprays, allergy medications– all of these are temporary fixes that are a huge money suck and usually don’t work long term. What a lot of people don’t realize is that most severe allergies originate in the home, from dust and bacteria, as well as outward spores and allergens that drift inside and get trapped.

Source: NHS

In their book, “The Allergy Self-Help Book,” Sharon Faelten and the editors of Prevention magazine advise: “Reducing your exposure to other common hay fever triggers- such as dust and molds- can be very simple. For instance, switching from a conventional bag-type vacuum cleaner to a more efficient and thorough water-trap vacuum cleaner will help you to get all of the dust out of a room… This model collects dust in water instead of an awkward air bag, so dust isn’t continually re-circulated into the air you breathe.”

Make the Switch

Switching to a cleaning system that uses water as a filter is imperative. The Rainbow cleaning system is an excellent solution, because it acts as both an air purifier and a vacuum, thus eliminating dust and allergens from the air and from the surfaces they’ve landed on. In fact, 94% of Rainbow owners rated it superior to their previous vacuum on removing dirt and allergens.

If your child is suffering from severe allergies and you haven’t been able to find a solution that works, do yourself a favor and check out the Rainbow. Your child will thank you! Set up a demonstration for free (no commitment required) and see for yourself the difference it makes.

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